Good to know

At arrival

A charcoal worker’s hut or a cottage has been reserved for you as agreed when booking.

Please call us if you wish to make changes in your booking.

Payment in cash on arrival, no cards accepted.



There is a parking lot at the entrance to the area. There is foot traffic only in the area next to the huts and cottages, no vehicles are allowed, unless special arrangements have been made in advance.


Electricity and water

There is no electricity in the area. We use oil lanterns, wax candles and fire wood.


The cottages have no heaters. Bedding and sheep skins are included, but you can also rent a sleeping bag.


The charcoal workers’ huts are equipped with a fireplace for you to use to heat the hut.


NOTE Malmbacka manages the ash discharge from the fireplaces


Cleaning Before leaving, clean up and refill wood.
Food is prepared over an open fire at the grill house. It is absolutely forbidden to make fires anywhere else in the area!


The sauna is self-served: you heat it youself and use water sparingly so that it lasts for others besides youself.

You cut the firewood for the hut, grill and sauna yourself or you can purchase ready-cut wood.


Drinking water you bring with you, purchase on-site or pick up from our house.



We only have outhouses equipped with toilet paper, water and soap.


Dogs and other pets

We have reserved Fanny for animal lovers.

Leashed pets are allowed so long as they don’t bother other guests. The pets are not allowed to dig pits or leave feces behind.


Swimming beach

In the village of Box at a distance of 7 km from us there is a peaceful, nice shallow beach ideal for families with children. It is equipped with an outhouse. N 59º 56.4077’  /  E 23º 37.8292’

In Ekenäs and Hangö there are many nice beaches. They are usually clean but you must always be careful about broken glass in the sand.


In case of an accident

The sauna, grill house and cottages are equipped with fire extinguishers. The cottages also have fire alarms.

The charcoal workers’ huts are equipped with fire extinguishers.

In the grill house there is a First Aid Kit.


The nearest doctor is in Ekenäs, 15 km distance.

Health Care Center during daytime, address:  Östra Strandgatan 9, 10600 EKENÄS. Tel. 019-2893000

Hospital Emergency Room, evening and night, address: Östra Strandgatan 9, 10600 EKENÄS. Tel. 019-2893000.

In case of fire or other emergency, call 112, also contact us.



Be careful not to litter or leave cigarette stumps in nature to avoid fire. They are also dangerous to children and animals who might eat them.

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings.


Grilling and making fires in the area


Only allowed in the grill house.

Portable barbecue grills are not to be used.



Pick up your trash and place it in the container next to the parking lot.


Packing your equipment

We recommend that you bring clothes suitable for the weather, rain clothes and watertight shoes.

Warm clothes for cold nights (hat, mittens, wool socks and sweater). A good tip: it is good to sleep with a hat and socks when it is chilly.

Towel, swimsuit, sleeping bag, camera, binoculars, pen, note pad, water bottle, necessary medicines, mosquito spray and bandaid.


Improper behavior

We expect our guests to be considerate of each other, nature and wild animals, as well as respect everyone’s peace and quiet and the conditions for moving about on private properties.

We expect you to respect our rules and cause to disturbance. In case of disturbing or improper behavior, we will ask you to immediately leave the area.

We wish everyone a pleasant stay and an enjoyable experience, and hope to see you again in the future.