Nature trail

Along the path you can enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature. You can also test your knowledge about animals and there are of course also some questions about charcoal making. The nature trail is suitable for both children and adults, groups etc.

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The nature trail is free

9.11-13.1 Elf trail

13.1-6.4  Winter trail

8.4-27.4  Easter path

1.5-26.5  Nature trail / spring

1.6-28.7  Nature trail / summer

1.8-27.10 Nature trail / autumn

2-3.11     Ghoist trail

9.11-13.1 Elf trail

Gift certificates

Surprise a good friend with a gift certificate to Malmbacka, perhaps a wedding gift, birthday present, graduation gift, farewell present etc. An experience that your friend won’t forget. You can choose one or more experiences for the gift certificate. The gift certificate is valid for 1 year. We are open year-round.

Weekend offer

Experience a weekend of natural living in Malmbacka. Challenge yourself to a stay without electricity or running water in a forest cabin – can you handle it?

A weekend costs 70 € / person.

Chop wood in the woodshed for heating. Prepare food on the open barbecue. When darkness falls use lanterns or torches. Take the opportunity to relax in a wood sauna. Be quiet if you go hiking and you could see elk, deer, other wild animals, and birds. Summer is wonderfully beautiful, and you can enjoy the delights of the forest such as berries and mushrooms. On clear autumn, winter and spring nights you can absorb yourself in the beautiful starry sky and enjoy the clean and fresh air.

In Malmbacka you also have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the charcoal production  that was ever-present from the 17th to early 20th centuries - our local industry needed lots of charcoal. You can even  take a trip to Fiskars to explore the old ironworks.




7-8 SEPTEMBER 2019,  Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm

The charcoal stack is lit on 7 September at 1 pm, the stack is given a name

Church services 8 September at 12 noon.

Information about making charcoal the traditional way is available throughout the day, songs by Dan Andersson

are performed by Teddy Granroth, folk dancing, exhibitions, fashion show with charcoal worker´s clothes,

market by the stack, sing-along, crafts exhibits, sale of crafts and charcoal for barbecuing, nature trail,

traditional food including charcoal buns, coffee and charcoal pastry, lodging available in charcoal worker’s hut.

Sven Stenlund tells about Jussarö at. 3 pm.

Sunday, wood chopping competition at approx. 2 pm, registration in advance by calling: +358-40-5419236 / Tom

Free admittance.

Arr. by Sällskapet Skogens Svarta Guld

Address: Norrbyvägen 45, Snappertuna, Finland.

N 59o 59,267’   E 23o 35,981’

Support received from Svenska Kulturfonden and Metsämiestensäätiö

Starry Night

You will have a superb experience at  Malmbacka when the moon is up and the stars are sparkling.

The night sky is very clearly visible above Malmbacka. Watching the night sky by the campfire is truly cozy.

You can stay one night or more.

It is good to bring a star map / book to help you identify the stars you see.


Animals in nature.

During spring wild animals are very active at our place. You can stay overnight here and see a lot of wild animals. Among the animals you may spot are moose, deer, lynx and lots of different birds. You can relax listening to the beautiful bird song. Animals may show in the charcoal forest or along the windy country roads, preferably in early morning and at twilight. We can tell you where the animals often are, but we cannot guarantee that they will be there when you want to see them, so you have to take a chance. We still think it is worth a try to have a great experience. Please see our price list for booking an overnight stay.