Malmbacka offers lodging in charcoal workers’ cabins and simple timber cottages.

The cottages are cozily furnished with beds for two, bedding, a table and chairs.

The charcoal workers’ huts are furnished with two hard beds with sheep skins,you may also ask for an extra berth. You can rent a sleeping bag or bring your own. You will heat the hut yourself by cutting your own wood and keeping the hut warm. Ready-cut wood is also available for purchase.



  • Simple mattress  (in the hut)
  • Sheep skins  (in the hut)
  • Lantern, candles and matches
  • Wood to be cut  (ready-cut wood available for         purchase)
  • Barbecue grill over open fire equipped with              roof and walls
  • Simple kitchen equipment
  • Simple dishwashing facilities
  • Sauna, washing facilities
  • Outhouse
  • Trash pickup
Charcoal worker’s hut, Ida
Enjoy the Fireplace
Timber cottage, Hilma and Harry
Hilma and Harry
Simple timber cottage, Etel