Price list

Charcoal Worker’s Hut

Disconnect from your everyday life and experience a night in a simple charcoal worker’s hut located in the Charcoal Forest surrounded by nature and quiet among wild animals. The huts are furnished with two cots covered with sheep skins, and there is room to add a third cot. You’ll relax from your everyday stress, enjoy the nature and quietness. You will heat the hut by chopping wood and burning it in the stove, and you’ll sleep well with the sparking sound of the fire. The next morning you’ll wake up rested and filled with new strength. You will certainly be happy that you stayed with us.

This adventure is suitable for people of all ages who want to try something special and different. Before you leave, please remember to fill up the firewood bins and clean up after you.

Luggage and equipment:

We recommend that you pack weatherproof clothes, rain clothes, waterproof shoes, clothes to change into, a towel, a sleeping bag, camera, binoculars, a pen, a notepad, a water bottle, any medications that you require, mosquito repellant, first-aid kit etc. Also remember warm clothes for chilly nights, a woolen hat, gloves and socks, a sweater etc.


Adults 35 € / day,

Children 1 – 17 years = 20 € / day,

Infants under 1 = free,

Sleeping bags for rent 10 € / stay.


Stay overnight with your pet

If you wish to stay overnight with your pet, the charcoal worker’s hut Fanny is available.

No pets shall be taken to any other buildings.

Pets are allowed outdoors while leashed. Please make sure that you pets do not disturb other guests, dig holes or leave droppings behind.

Before leaving, please remember to fill up the firewood bin and clean up after you.

The prices are the same as in the other huts.


Charcoal worker’s hut Hilma and Harry

Experience a romantic stay overnight in a beautiful, cozy charcoal worker’s hut. The hut is sparsely furnished with a table, benches and a wider bed for two people covered with a sheepskin. Let love flow. Perfect for courting couples, newlyweds, or anyone who wishes to snug up close to each other.

You will heat the hut by cutting the wood yourself and burning it in the woodstove.

Before leaving, please remember to fill up the firewood bin and clean up after you.

Prices: 100 € / day

Luggage and equipment:

We recommend that you use the packing list for staying overnight in a charcoal worker’s hut.


The hay barn

The hay barn is cozy with a bed for two. You will heat the hay barn by chopping the wood and burning it in the stove. ( The stove is on the rise )

Food is to be prepared at the camp fire site.

Before leaving, please remember to fill up the firewood bin and clean the cabin.


80 € / day



The cabin Etel

This timber cabin is cozy and sparsely furnished with two beds, a table and stools. You will heat the cabin by chopping the wood yourself and burning it in the woodstove. The beds have already been made when you arrive. You will cook your food at the camp fire sites.Before leaving, please remember to fill up the firewood bin and clean up after you.

Price: 35 € / person

Luggage and equipment:

We recommend that you use the packing list for staying overnight in a charcoal worker’s hut.


The sauna Anna

While staying overnight at Malmbacka, you can use the sauna free of charge. You may also book only the sauna to spend a nice sauna evening with your family, good friends, colleagues, girlfriends, bachelor’s and bachelorette’s parties, Christmas sauna parties etc. You will cut the wood and heat the sauna yourself. There is water in a container behind the sauna and you will carry the water to the sauna and fill the containers there. Please remember to fill up the wood bins in the sauna with dry wood for the next guests. The sauna experience is especially pleasant because of the good oxygen supply into the sauna.

Come and enjoy an exquisite sauna experience. Up to 6 people at a time will fit into the sauna. In you’re lucky, you may see moose and deer walking along one or their trails past the sauna.

Price: 35 € / 2 h max. 6 persons.


Barbecue / food

When staying overnight at Malmbacka you can use the barbecue sites free of charge. You can barbecue and prepare food over an open fire, experience the warmth of the campfire and its sparkling shine, relax and enjoy. Primitive cooking equipment; pots, pans etc. are available for use free of charge at the barbecue house. There is one barbecue site under the open sky and another in the barbecue house Thelma. You will cut the wood yourself and make the fire. Please be careful in containing the fire. You may also book a separate barbecue evening with friends, colleagues, family etc. Please make sure to put out the fire before leaving the barbecue site. The nearest grocery stores are in Ekenäs and Karis.

Price: 10 € / adult, 5 € / child 1-17 year, max 15 persons in the barbecue house Thelma. No specific limit at the outdoor barbecue.


Charcoal Sale

We sell the charcoal that we make during Charcoal Weekend to be used as barbecue charcoal. This is the best barbecue charcoal available in Finland, with a high energy value. Please supervise your sausages and steaks when using Malmbacka charcoal so that they won’t burn. Once you’ve gotten used to our fine charcoal, you’ll produce the most delicious meals for yourself and your friends.The wood used in producing the charcoal comes from a local certified forest.


Small bag 10 €  each

Big bag 20 € each


Open year-round

We are open year-round and we offer you experiences in the Charcoal Forest in every season. Every season has its charm and to experience nature’s quiet with free roaming animals is quite unique.

It is very cozy to sleep in the charcoal worker’s hut in the winter while the wind is howling outside. This reminds you of the old days when the charcoal workers tended their stacks and slept in their huts in the forest. Life was hard in those days and the charcoal had to be ready before Christmas.

You can stay overnight in a charcoal worker’s hut in the winter, enjoy a winter sauna in the middle of the forest, walk through the snow with an old-time lantern, while snow is falling on the snow-covered path. You chop the wood and burn it in the woodstove to make the hut warm and cozy. Prepare some food at the campfire and experience a stress-free moment in the Charcoal Forest. We will bring you drinking water which you should keep in the hut so that it won’t freeze. You may also melt snow to make coffee and prepare food.

When staying overnight in the winter, please remember to pack warm clothes.

Good to bring.

Weather-proof clothes, clothes made of wool, including hat, mittens, sweater, socks, underwear, warn jacket and trousers, shoes, a change of clothes, towel, a warm sleeping bag, camera, binoculars, thermos bottle for warm beverages, your medications, a notepad and pen, a comfortable backpack if you wish to hike in winter weather, etc.


Dowsing for water

In the old days people dowsed for water in nature. You can test out this technique in the charcoal forest together with the charcoal man and the charcoal woman.

Everyone does not have the skill to find water, we don’t know why, but it is interesting to try.

Please join us.

Price: 10 € / person

incl. materials + juice, coffee and bun. The bun is made with low-lactose milk. We are not able to accommodate special diets.


Drawing in the charcoal forest

We will soon offer drawing sessions in the charcoal forest for children using real charcoal from the charcoal forest.

We will gather at the barbecue house Thelma and then walk to the fairy tale hill in the charcoal forest to draw.

Parents and other adults can wait at the barbecue or look around while the drawing session is going on.

The price includes drawing materials, juice and a bun. The bun is made with low-lactose milk. We are not able to accommodate special diets.

Drawing with charcoal will make you dirty, so please dress accordingly.

Price: 10 € / child.


Make your own sauna broom

In the old days it was common to use a sauna broom when bathing.

Come with us and make your own sauna broom with the charcoal woman who will tell you why people used sauna brooms in the old days.

Price: 10 € / person

incl. materials + juice, coffee and bun. The bun is made with low-lactose milk. We are not able to accommodate special diets.


Something special in Charcoal Forest

Come and experience something special.

Celebrate Thanksgiving, or have a Christmas party by the campfire, eat rice porridge and gingerbread cookies and drink spiced cider. Take part in the elf hunt located in the back of the charcoal worker’s huts and along the nature trail, or experience New Years in the Charcoal Forest, a starry night in the Charcoal Forest is also a fabulous experience.

We can fix a package containing e.g. rice porridge, gingerbread cookies and spiced cider (glögg).

If there is snow, you may use a sled in the forest. There are some small hills, and if there is  snow it is great fun.

Pack your equipment and come and experience nature and quiet during all four seasons.

We are open year-round.


Guided tours

If you want to learn more about charcoal manufacturing in stack, you can book an authentic guided tour with the charcoal man and charcoal woman in the Charcoal Forest.

During the guided tour we tell about the lives of the charcoal workers in western Nyland, we show you the three charcoal stack bases in the area, the charcoal workers’ buildings, exhibits, traditional food, the charcoal worker’s guardians etc.

The guided tour takes about 1 – 2 hours depending on contents, please see below.

Guided tours are conducted in Swedish and Finnish. For other languages, you have to provide your own interpreter.

Please book your tour at least 7 days in advance and pay the fee in cash on arrival or, if desired, as a bank transfer in advance before the scheduled guided tour at Malmbacka.


1. Guided tour 5 € / person

2. Guided tour + unfiltered coffee with pastry 10 € / person

3. Guided tour + traditional food ; charcoal worker’s bun with lingonberry jam, non-alcoholic beer 15 € / person

4. Guided tour + traditional food ; charcoal worker’s bun with lingonberry jam, non-alcoholic beer + unfiltered coffee with pastry 20 € /person.

More information at: Booking and questions.


Wedding and christening in the charcoal forest

If you are planning on getting married and want a special place for the wedding under the open sky and in the middle of beautiful nature, then the charcoal forest at Malmbacka is the right place. We offer a natural historical site for your wedding. There is seating for 80-100 people, or more if desired, on logs and benches.

You can also book lodging with us.

Please contact us with your questions about your plans for a wonderful wedding in the charcoal forest.


Booking a wedding or christening in the Malmbacka charcoal forest 220 € / wedding or christening

Lodging at Malmbacka according to price list for charcoal worker’s hut, charcoal worker’s cabin, simple timber cabin.



Gift certificates

Surprise a good friend with a gift certificate to Malmbacka, perhaps a wedding gift, birthday present, graduation gift, farewell present etc.

An experience that your friend won’t forget.

You can choose one or more experiences for the gift certificate. The gift certificate is valid for 1 year.

We are open year-round.


Starry night (picture of binoculars)

You will have a superb experience at  Malmbacka when the moon is up and the stars are sparkling.

The night sky is very clearly visible above Malmbacka. Watching the night sky by the campfire is truly cozy.

You can stay one night or more.

It is good to bring a star map / book to help you identify the stars you see.



Lectures and education

During the past few years more and more people have inquired whether we can visit other places and groups and tell about how Malmbacka got started and how to make charcoal the traditional way.

If you wish a lecture, please contact us and we will make an implementation plan, including time, place, method and contents etc.

The lecture can also include a guided tour to Malmbacka topped off with unfiltered coffee and pastry at the campfire.

Perfect for individuals, businesses, groups, schools, daycare centers etc.

If you wish to participate in the traditional charcoal making work where you can perform the various work phases, including building the stack, the Charcoal Weekend, supervising the stack, disassembling the stack and bagging the charcoal, please contact us by e-mail at tommen(at) or by calling us at + 358 40  541 9236.

Trip with Iceland horses to Malmbacka

A trip with Iceland horses from Talli Solfari to Malmbacka is a unique experience. You can book with the owner Jaana who will plan the trip according to your wishes.

The package includes the trip with Iceland horses, spending the night in a cozy charcoal worker’s hut on a sheepskin, traditional food = charcoal worker’s bun, unfiltered coffee with pastry, sauna bath, guided tour, breakfast, pleasant social events etc. Jaana is a nice and experienced rider. Please book at


Price: Jaana will tell you the price.


Nature trail

Along the path you can enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature. You can also test your knowledge about animals and there are of course also some questions about charcoal making. The nature trail is suitable for both children and adults, groups etc.

We also post news on Facebook

The nature trail is free

20.1-29.3    Winter trail

4.4-26.4      Easter path

1.5-29.5      Spring trail

1.6-26.7      Summer trail

1.8-25.10    Autumn trail

30.10-1.11  Dark weekend / Ghoist trail. The path is dimly illuminated at. 18-20. Good to bring a flashlight.

7.11.2020-13.1.2021   Elf trail. The path is dimly illuminated at 16-20 on 29.11, 5, 12, 19, 25 and 26.12. Good to bring a flashlight.


Nature trail with materials provided

If you wish to do the nature trail with a group, we can arrange materials (pens, paper, writing pads) for the trail.

Please book at least 7 days in advance.


Material fee 5 € / person



Look for birdhouses in the charcoal forest

While at  Malmbacka you can try looking for birdhouses in the charcoal forest.

More information and materials are available on site.

Suitable for children and adults.

It is free to participate.

Look for birdhouses in a group

If you wish to look for birdhouses in a group, we can provide the materials (pens, paper, writing pad) so that all you need to do is start looking and counting.

Please book at least 7 days in advance.



Material fee 3 € / person.



Throwing horseshoes

While at Malmbacka, you may try your luck with the charcoal man’s old horseshoes. The charcoal man’s horse is not around any more, but he has saved a few horseshoes and you can try your luck with them. The game is suitable for children ages 3 and up as well as adults.

The game is free.



Choose you own package

You may choose the elements that you wish to experience and collect them into a package.

Then make your booking for a unique experience that you will remember a long time.

We are happy to welcome you.



Now you can book a pic-nick for yourself in our forest. You may book the Little Hill or one of our barbecue sites. Little Hill is next to the nature trail, and you can enjoy your pic-nick under the bare sky or by using a small wind protection.

Open fire is not permitted.

Group sizes: 1 -10 persons = 10 € / group

11 – 20 persons = 20 € / group

21 – 30 persons = 30 € / group

You must always book the pic-nick sites in advance. We offer the large outdoor barbecue grill under the bare sky or the barbecue grill in the grill house Thelma.

The grill house also contains a small museum.

The outdoor grill is larger and offers more seating.

When you have booked one of the barbecue sites, you may use the dishes available in the grill house. You may also want to bring some of your own things. Of course you remember to wash the dishes and clean up before you leave.

Water for washing dishes is usually available in the container behind the grill house. You wash your dishes under the bare sky using eco dishwashing detergent.

Prices for barbecue sites, adults 10 €/person, children 5 € / 1-17 years.